The construction industry always witness changes, it is a sector that never plateau. If you want your company to be ahead in the game, you should keep up with the latest trends, from technology advancement to sustainability.
Here are the top 4 trends for 2019:

  • Technology advancement

We live in an era, where technology is moving very quickly, and altering constant change to our lives. Therefore technology has not spared the construction sector.

From one hand, technology in the construction sector is not only limited to the use of softwares, now we can get pictures with drones of the building site and the whole landscape.
From another hand, technologies that allows to facilitate the communication between different participants of a construction project, like BIM (Building Information Modelling),  it makes resource management easier and it enables enhanced collaboration.

  • Green technology and sustainability

Nowadays, more and more projects are including “greener” plans and seeking to offer an eco-friendly technology in buildings.

Green construction is not very different from normal construction, the only difference is the economy, utility and efficiency of resources. When it comes to building materials, some companies started to make durable materials such as , the bricks who are made of cigarette butts, or thermally driven air conditioners and asphalt that heal itself.

  • Modular and prefabricated construction projects

Prefabrication and modular construction have both become more popular over the last year or so, and it isn’t hard to see why. Both trends are energy efficient and cost-effective, which is ideal at a time when most material prices are rising, or high already! This popularity is likely to increase even more over the next few months, especially for construction companies looking to cut overall costs.

  • Project management solutions

Many industries are now embracing project management software, and this includes the construction industry. Project management software has been improved significantly over the last few years, and now there are lots of specialized programs to suit different jobs; from designing a building to running a construction site.

The software provides construction companies with three major advantages; transparency, accountability, and efficiency. As many people will be using the same software, it is easier for people to understand their role, which could also help to make construction sites safer.

The overall output is positive, the construction industry is an essential part of any beautiful city in the worlds. Keeping in mind the trends, will open up doors to new opportunities and horizons

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