KomFort Building in Europe

For construction companies that

  • Are looking for verified construction subcontractors in the European Union
  • Plan to build a network of foreign construction companies
  • Legally cooperate with foreign construction companies
  • Need expert support at every stage of their order
  • Are aware of the current directives in the EU

KomFort-Building in Europe, is a professional business partner, providing a profitable, long-term cooperation with construction companies, aimed at expanding services in the foreign market. More than 10 years of experience, allow us to verify the available orders, effectively present the offers of the interested companies and support them holistically in the process of implementing the construction contracts.





  • Museums and historical buildings
  • Offices and State institutions
  • Social housing
  • Public hospitals
  • Schools and kindergartens 


  • Shopping centers
  • Multi-family buildings
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Production factories and industrial halls


Our activities areas

Construction sectors

Flat Roofs


Seals, roofing membranes

(Resitrix, EPDM, PVC)

Green roofs


Ventilated facades

Facade boards

Wooden elevations

Slate elevations

Glass facades

Mineral insulation and plasters


Clinker tiles

Finishing works

Walls and ceilings

Plastering, filling

Painting, papering

Floor systems

Door installation

Glass partitions

Interior design

Furniture assembly

Sloped roofs

Roof truss


Metal roofs

Natural slate

Artificial slate

Standing seam sheet


Electrical works

Wiring and cable routes

Assembly of lighting fittings

Detectors and access control

Electrical switchboards

Lightning and grounding installation

Floor heating

Solar panels

Photovoltaic panels

Window and door joinery

ALU windows and doors
PVC windows and doors
Wooden windows and doors
Balustrades, stairs, railings
Windows disassembly and assembly


Sanitary installations

Heating systems


Cleaning the installation

Installation of sanitary fittings

Construction works


Foundation works

Reinforced concrete works

Bricklaying work

Reinforcement works

Shuttering work

Steel halls