10 July 2024

Technology in managing construction projects

Modern technological solutions are permeating almost every industry, and construction is no exception. These advancements are increasingly being utilized not only on construction sites, where they enable faster and more precise work, but also in offices to support management processes. When is it worthwhile to introduce construction platforms and applications into your organization? Read on to find out!

Construction industry and management applications

The larger the project, the more aspects there are to organize and the more serious the consequences of potential errors. Due to the need for faster information flow, automation of certain tasks, and the consolidation of all key elements in one place, solutions have emerged that are now indispensable.

Importantly, implementing an application or system in a construction company doesn't necessarily mean a complete transformation. Technological tools can effectively support in fulfilling responsibilities, improve safety, all without introducing the chaos that many entrepreneurs fear.

So what can construction company software be used for?

  • storing files in a secure location
  • faster estimation
  • communication with partners and teams
  • monitoring progress of work
  • financial analysis

Considering how many functions one application can combine, it's worth first identifying which aspect of the company's operations needs improvement the most. This will certainly help in choosing the most suitable solution from the wide range of products available on the market.

Platforms for finding jobs

Not only is construction project management increasingly entering the digital realm, but also the process of establishing partnerships, including searching for new contracts and partners. Platforms for publishing tenders and requests for proposals are designed to streamline operations for both clients and subcontractors.

Of course, the profile of the platform itself matters, whether it focuses solely on the construction industry or serves other businesses (or even private individuals) seeking professionals. Specialization of the platform and user verification contribute to increased security and more effective project execution.

What drives construction companies to invest more in their online presence and utilize web applications? Primarily, it's the ease of use, quick access to the program anytime and anywhere, automation of processes, and fast communication. To effectively compete in the market, it's essential to quickly familiarize oneself with technological advancements and harness their potential. The sooner these solutions are implemented, the better results can be achieved.

Modern strategies for construction companies

We are just beginning to witness the technological changes in construction. While many firms remain skeptical of such solutions, it's worthwhile to at least test these options. An example of an application that effectively showcases the capabilities of online platforms is Batieu - a program designed for contractors, developers, investors, architects, and companies like KomFort Building in Europe, which comprehensively support businesses in implementation of construction contracts.


17 June 2024

How to verify the skills and qualifications of subcontractors?

The competitiveness in the construction market requires that subcontractors looking to work with international clients offer more than favorable pricing. The true value of a company is elevated by the skills of its team and the certifications they hold. If you're thinking about working with an international subcontractor, make sure you know the key factors to consider.

Skilled subcontractor - KomFort Building in Europe

Showcasing success: explore the portfolio of your potential subcontractor

Skills we mentioned earlier should be substantiated by actual achievements. That's why documenting our work is crucial - it allows clients to assess its quality.

Professional construction firms take portfolio updates seriously, ensuring high-quality photography that lets potential business partners see the details, precision, and accuracy of their work. As a client, you can request selected project samples via email, visit the subcontractor's website or check their profiles on construction industry platforms.

Building certifications

Subcontractors must be aware of the formal and administrative requirements without which they cannot legally work for international clients.

Occupational health and safety training, courses on scaffolding erection and dismantling, as well as certifications for asbestos removal, are just a few of the documents expected from qualified construction teams.

In addition to basic training, many companies can boast certifications in the operation of specialized machinery, assembly technologies, installation, or maintenance. Continuous qualification enhancement and skill improvement are definite advantages for subcontractors.


The last point on our list of factors worth considering when choosing a subcontractor is their references. Feedback from satisfied clients is perhaps the most valuable information about a company.

Many international subcontractors regularly or consistently collaborate with companies from Belgium, Luxembourg, and other European countries, which undoubtedly speaks to the company's potential and value.

Work with the professionals

At KomFort Building in Europe, we prioritize matching subcontractors to specific projects to ensure smooth project execution and mutual benefits. As intermediaries between construction firms, we aim to thoroughly assess the needs of both parties from the outset and assist them in finding the most optimal solution.

Looking to collaborate with top professionals in Europe? Feel free to get in touch.

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29 March 2019


The construction industry remains incredibly diverse, with jobs available in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. In addition, careers in renovation, repair and maintenance have become a consideration for contractors or construction professionals incumbents. With so many options to choose from, we have reduced 7 of the most profitable and demanded construction careers. Here are the top 7 construction trades:
  • Project Manager
Construction project managers are in high demand, but the problem lies in the number of qualified people available. Construction project managers are often responsible for planning and organizing projects, while coordinating with foremen and supervisors.
  • Cost estimator
The financial and accounting sectors of construction are also growing, which seems to be moving away from traditional construction jobs. Cost estimators are invaluable partners for any construction company as they can advise you on the overall budget of a project, from the overall budget to the planning of each small cost.
  • Painter
Another job that might interest you is painting. Becoming a painter is usually an entry-level position in the construction industry. For those who want to embark on construction and who are not of the academic type, painting is an ideal alternative.
  • Plumber
It is well known that plumbing jobs are quite profitable. A 3 to 5 year apprenticeship with a plumber will provide a range of skills that go far beyond the plumber's stereotyped role. After an apprenticeship, plumbers gain knowledge of installing and repairing water and drainage systems, septic tanks and even small appliances.
  • Electrician
Electricians need a wide range of knowledge and skills applicable to many aspects of construction. Once your license is obtained, electricians are needed to dispose, assemble, install and repair the electrical wiring. In addition, they must know how to control certain devices and large amounts of equipment in buildings. Since many sectors of the construction industry need electricians, you will be able to find a job in the field of construction and maintenance of electricity.
  • Masonry work
As the economic recovery continues, the number of residential projects is also on the rise. In addition, with different types of materials, brick remains popular because of its durability and affordability. In addition to apprenticeship in this trade, a certificate or diploma in masonry awarded in a technical institute is a common way to put you in a position of success.
  • Building worker
A construction worker remains a profitable job, with many openings available. Without the need for formal education, it is relatively easy to enter the construction labor market. However, once you are there, you may want to start specifying which trade or aspect of construction you are interested in. Your first tasks on a construction site can include loading and unloading materials, digging ditches, running simple machines and cleaning. . The best strategy to move forward in construction would be to gain experience in as many areas as possible with skilled tradespeople, such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters, which can help you focus on the industry sector in which you see yourself Source and inspiration: http://www.constructionworld.org
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27 February 2019

Top 4 construction industry Trends that you should keep up with in 2019

The construction industry always witness changes, it is a sector that never plateau. If you want your company to be ahead in the game, you should keep up with the latest trends, from technology advancement to sustainability. Here are the top 4 trends for 2019:

  • Technology advancement
We live in an era, where technology is moving very quickly, and altering constant change to our lives. Therefore technology has not spared the construction sector. From one hand, technology in the construction sector is not only limited to the use of softwares, now we can get pictures with drones of the building site and the whole landscape. From another hand, technologies that allows to facilitate the communication between different participants of a construction project, like BIM (Building Information Modelling),  it makes resource management easier and it enables enhanced collaboration.
  • Green technology and sustainability
Nowadays, more and more projects are including “greener” plans and seeking to offer an eco-friendly technology in buildings. Green construction is not very different from normal construction, the only difference is the economy, utility and efficiency of resources. When it comes to building materials, some companies started to make durable materials such as , the bricks who are made of cigarette butts, or thermally driven air conditioners and asphalt that heal itself.
  • Modular and prefabricated construction projects
Prefabrication and modular construction have both become more popular over the last year or so, and it isn’t hard to see why. Both trends are energy efficient and cost-effective, which is ideal at a time when most material prices are rising, or high already! This popularity is likely to increase even more over the next few months, especially for construction companies looking to cut overall costs.
  • Project management solutions
Many industries are now embracing project management software, and this includes the construction industry. Project management software has been improved significantly over the last few years, and now there are lots of specialized programs to suit different jobs; from designing a building to running a construction site. The software provides construction companies with three major advantages; transparency, accountability, and efficiency. As many people will be using the same software, it is easier for people to understand their role, which could also help to make construction sites safer. The overall output is positive, the construction industry is an essential part of any beautiful city in the worlds. Keeping in mind the trends, will open up doors to new opportunities and horizons Source and inspiration: https://esub.com/10-construction-industry-trends/
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7 November 2017

Poland: A leader in posting employees abroad

For many years, Poland is at the forefront of countries that benefit from the freedom to provide services and promote the posting of workers abroad and for the development of companies.

    Delegation Directions   Polish companies most often delegate their employees to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. This form of service provision is particularly popular in construction, but also in industry and agriculture. The conditions that a company must meet to delegate employees are not complicated - they should conduct a significant part of their activity in Poland and document at least a 1-month employment relationship with a posted employee paid to ZUS.

“Prior to the implementation of a foreign contract, the company should also complete the formalities in the receiving country. In this direction, however, he can count on the help of specialists from KomFort Poland, who for years has represented construction companies on the European market”

Posting-is not unilateral   Poland is a leader in the provision of cross-border services.In 2009, the phenomenon of posting was minimally accommodated by the deteriorating economic situation caused by the crisis. Recent data indicate that there are approximately 1 million posted workers in the European Union, of which over 20% are Polish. French and German are just behind them. The increasing number of posted individuals, works in two directions. There are many foreigners working in Poland, delegated, among others from Belarus, Ukraine and China. They are present mainly in the construction industry and industry.       Although delegation is undoubtedly an alternative to the difficult situation of the construction industry in Poland, it should not be considered only as an emergency exit. The phenomenon of posting is important for the Polish economy and determines the competitiveness of Polish companies. But as well, benefits for employees who can count on higher earnings abroad, but also raise their qualifications and gain experience.
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23 June 2016

NATO headquarters: Big construction projects needs experienced subcontractors

The construction of the NATO Headquarters began on October 18, 2010. The important investment is estimated at 750 million euros, will enable the introduction of appropriate security measures resulting from the political and military character of NATO and will create a place that will be able to develop with the changes taking place in the world.     The building itself is ecological and functional. It will consist of eight wings converging in the lobby covered with glass. 20,000 sq m of office space, conference rooms, press center, restaurants and car parks are designed to improve the work of nearly 5,000. diplomats, officials and military. Moreover, modern insulation solutions and advanced lighting systems will help reduce energy consumption. The construction company from Krakow has been working as a subcontractor since November 2012. The contract includes the performance of thermal and waterproofing works on 65,000 sq m of flat roofs, using foam glass and bituminous roofing. The project is implemented by dozens of qualified and experienced employees. KomFort's help consisted of:
  • Presentation of an experienced and reliable subcontractor
  • Assistance on the preparation of a mutually beneficial valuation
  • Preparation of formalities necessary to provide services in Belgium (including A1 certificate, registration in the Limosa system)
  • Preparation of documentation needed so that the subcontractor's workers can enter the construction site
Your company also has a chance to work on such interesting and big projects. Contact a KomFort representative from your region and find out what we can offer you.
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26 February 2016

4 things to expect from a foreign subcontractor

For over 10 years, KomFort has been operating on the European construction market and supporting Polish companies in the cross-border provision of services. Our long experience allow us to determine what aspects and issues, a foreign company should pay attention to, when working with a subcontractors from Poland.   Polish construction teams operating on foreign markets are competitive in relation to local companies. They work efficiently and with professionalism. Foreign clients appreciate the multitasking skills of the Polish teams. Here are some issues that are decisive for clients from Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg when making decisions about cooperating with a Polish construction company. Currently, foreign contractors put first of all the legality of services provided by subcontractors. Checks on construction sites and high fines for illegal employment of foreign companies mean that the consequences of breaking the law are simply not worth taking risks.  
„Legal cooperation should also be a priority for Polish companies that would like to export their construction services in the long term. [...]”
Companies that work "black" can become victims of fraud. When the principal does not pay their due money, they usually stay on the ice. Actually, there are no legal means to enforce the payment.

Second, a high standard of services

Employers employing subcontractors expect a high standard of services. Fortunately, Polish companies enjoy a good reputation. This issue is verified already at the stage of preliminary negotiations. Foreign principals appreciate companies with experience in the market, and ideally if the construction team previously worked abroad.  
  • Productivity at work is another feature
  • Builders from Poland work efficiently
  • Flexible and adjust quickly to different projects
Polish companies often specialize in more than one sector. For example, employees specialize in general construction works, and at the same time have a lot of experience in interior finishes.
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