For many years, Poland is at the forefront of countries that benefit from the freedom to provide services and promote the posting of workers abroad and for the development of companies.



Delegation Directions


Polish companies most often delegate their employees to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. This form of service provision is particularly popular in construction, but also in industry and agriculture. The conditions that a company must meet to delegate employees are not complicated – they should conduct a significant part of their activity in Poland and document at least a 1-month employment relationship with a posted employee paid to ZUS.

“Prior to the implementation of a foreign contract, the company should also complete the formalities in the receiving country. In this direction, however, he can count on the help of specialists from KomFort Poland, who for years has represented construction companies on the European market”

Posting-is not unilateral


Poland is a leader in the provision of cross-border services.In 2009, the phenomenon of posting was minimally accommodated by the deteriorating economic situation caused by the crisis. Recent data indicate that there are approximately 1 million posted workers in the European Union, of which over 20% are Polish. French and German are just behind them.

The increasing number of posted individuals, works in two directions. There are many foreigners working in Poland, delegated, among others from Belarus, Ukraine and China. They are present mainly in the construction industry and industry.




Although delegation is undoubtedly an alternative to the difficult situation of the construction industry in Poland, it should not be considered only as an emergency exit. The phenomenon of posting is important for the Polish economy and determines the competitiveness of Polish companies. But as well, benefits for employees who can count on higher earnings abroad, but also raise their qualifications and gain experience.