7 May 2015

The German market initiates new opportunities

Although KomFort has been operating in Germany for almost two years, it can already be said that the decision to start cooperation with our neighbors was accurate and enabled the export of construction services to many companies. How does work in Germany look like? How are Polish specialists assessed? Robert Katzmarczyk, who represents KomFort Polska on the German market, is responsible for these and other questions and is responsible for acquiring construction orders for Polish subcontractors.

How do you get offers for subcontractors from Poland? Do you stick to the worked out template?

My daily work is primarily about looking, browsing, browsing. In the first place I am looking for companies that may be interested in working with us: companies that have won the tender and need subcontractors, companies that carry out a lot of construction projects or those that simply may need our services. Later it looks a lot like the work of a representative: telephone, meeting, presentation. KomFort has hundreds of successful contracts in France or Belgium, so it's something to be proud of. Thanks to this, if it comes to a meeting, it ends up in most cases positively.

What are the clients from Germany suggesting when choosing a subcontracting company?

We always try to present to the customer the company whose business profile agrees with its requirements. To a large extent, the price decides, but also the documented experience. Principals know that it is not worth risking and being guided solely by financial arguments. The possibility of communication at the construction site with a German manager is also important, which is why language skills are encouraged by at least one of the employees.

Is the presentation of the company enough for the client to decide on cooperation?

No. The most important thing is to prepare a quote based on the company's specifications. In case of any problems or questions, the companies interested in exporting the services can count on the support of employees of the KomFort offer department. After the valuation analysis, the subcontractor is selected and the meeting with the main contractor is organized, so that future business partners can get to know each other and discuss the details. Then the most common decision is: we start cooperation or not.

"Contractors are often impressed by the level of presentation of companies from Poland, which proves that KomFort is very well prepared for operations on foreign markets."

Is Polish subcontractors required to have special certificates, to take specialized courses?

In the sanitary or electrical installations sector, I sometimes meet the requirement to have an SCC certificate, but not in every case. While working in Germany, it is worth remembering about clothing and protective equipment. Failure to comply with health and safety rules may result in serious consequences.

If you are talking about construction sectors, then in which of them you will subcontractyou can find the most offers?

Until now, the largest number of orders related to general construction works, mainly execution of states of raw buildings - from single-family houses to office buildings.

What opinions do you usually encounter about the work of Polish companies?

I often hear in meetings that subcontractors are working quickly, and at the same time thoroughly and "cleanly". They are able to make decisions and know their profession well, so that they do not need to be constantly guided and controlled. This streamlines the project implementation.

And how are KomFort's activities assessed?

Generally, I meet with positive reactions, especially from small and medium-sized companies. They are mainly interested in our services because they have problems finding employees in Germany. Contractors are often impressed by the level of presentation of companies from Poland, which proves that KomFort is very well prepared for operations on foreign markets.

So you can expect the company's development in Germany? 

I hope so and everything indicates it. Contractors are interested in the services of KomFort, we start to be recognized and associated with good subcontractors. On the other hand, construction companies from Poland are willing to submit their orders, because employees often have experience in carrying out construction works in Germany and know the language at a communicative level. The neighborhood of both countries is also an argument in favor of exporting services just for our western border.

Thank you for the conversation.

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19 February 2015

KomFort: “Experience and knowledge is essential!” Daniel Piaskowski

KomFort is a company providing services in the European Union. Specializes in advisory and commercial, technical and legal support for construction companies that want to develop thanks to cooperation with subcontractors from Poland, Spain and Portugal.   The quality and professionalism of the services provided is the merit of experienced employees. Our team is a group of harmonious and competent people. One of them is Daniel. He is not only a technical coordinator, but a man filled with passion for the work he does. He supervises every new project of KomFort with great commitment. Its task is to explore the potential of each offer that reaches us and support our Partners on the construction site. Daniel is able to predict the requirements of clients, and also counteract any problems that may occur during implementation.   Daniel has 30 years of experience in the roofing, plumbing, electrical and general construction industries. She is the person responsible for overseeing large projects on the French and Belgian markets. He remains in constant contact with employees seconded to France and Belgium. On site, he supports subcontractors and watches over the correct implementation of the order.   Daniel cooperates with construction managers and architects. It helps subcontractors to understand new techniques, solutions and building codes in force in a given country. Thanks to his knowledge and experience, he is able to answer all questions of subcontractors. Daniel at the construction site feels like a fish in the water, but he also copes well with office duties. Currently, he deals mainly with offers related to roofing, technical installations and finishing works.   This is possible thanks to the knowledge gained through many years of professional work and cooperation with many international companies. His solid experience is a guarantee of work at a very high level. Currently, Daniel serves four major contracts in Belgium and France. We constantly cooperate with our partners, ensuring the highest quality of services. Workers like Daniel are the strength of KomFort!
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19 December 2014

We support the international development of construction companies

As soon as the KomFort was founded, it supported and promoted Polish companies from the construction sector, as well as sharing knowledge and international experience with them.   Exports of services in Europe may be slowed down for various reasons: cultural, linguistic and administrative. A brake in the development of international operations are different legal regulations or the necessity to complete many complicated formal issues. KomFort tries to eliminate such restrictions, providing comprehensive support and effectively facilitating the international exchange of construction services. The necessary knowledge and experience in managing administrative and legal matters is a cornerstone of all kinds international action. This allows you to use simplified administrative procedures and work according to country-specific rules.   Our goal is to use language not only as a communication tool, but also as a cultural exchange. Therefore, we act as an intermediary between our client and subcontractors, offering, among others, translation of documents or language support during business talks.   Conclusion of a subcontracting agreement allows companies not only to carry out international projects, but also provides an excellent opportunity to exchange professional knowledge or cultural experiences between employees. This is in line with the main assumptions of the European Union, which are based on building a shared future.   The main goal of KomFort is to guarantee its clients proven and experienced subcontractors from, among others Poland, Spain and Portugal.   All the Information on construction offers in the EU, can be found in our database.
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8 June 2014

“I ensure that both parties are satisfied” Jacek Karaszewski

Interview with Jacek Karaszewski, the technical coordinator of the Komfort company in Belgium and France.   The structure of KomFort is very developed. Sales department, legal department, offers and translations department - all cooperate with each other to provide clients with a comprehensive service. Each position and every employee is necessary to ensure that it functions efficiently - just like a technical coordinator who, working directly with subcontractors from Poland, supports them at the place where the contract is being carried out.    

1. What does your job look like? What is the main responsibility of the technical coordinator?

My work starts already when I receive an offer from an investor. I help in translating it into Polish, taking into account, above all, specific industry vocabulary, so that subcontractors can find clear, understandable documentation. This is called CCTP (cahier des charges techniques particulières), or specification containing all technical information about the contract.

2. Does this specification help in the preparation of the appraisal?

Of course. Companies can prepare and delegate the best qualified employees. As for the valuation, they sometimes have problems with presenting acceptable rates. It does not surprise me, because the company, which is supposed to perform the first foreign contract, does not know the specifics of the market. Therefore, the valuation analysis is also my responsibility. In the event of any irregularities, I inform the company about the need to make a correction.

3. What happens after accepting the cost estimate of one of the subcontractors?

The legal department prepares the necessary formalities so that the company can start work as soon as possible. When the contract begins and the team comes to the construction site, I am responsible primarily for its correct course.

4. What exactly is the cooperation with construction crews already on the spot?

The most important is the first day of construction, which is the opening day. Subcontractor gets to know the investor, enter the construction site. I am translating the conversations, introducing the team, informing the manager about the most important matters, eg related to health and safety and the need to use personal protection equipment at the construction site, because it is often a matter of control abroad. Sometimes there are minor misunderstandings, and my task is to minimize and solve them.
„Above all, my activities are to make it easier for the company to stay abroad and implement the contract.”

5. And already during the contract by the subcontractor - can he count on the support of the coordinator?

Above all, my activities are to make it easier for the company to stay abroad and implement the contract. So I try to visit the construction site as often as possible. I check then if the team is efficient and successive and reliably implements the work schedule. Subcontractors, in case of any problems, may also contact me by phone.

6. You have raised a very important topic on the quality of work. What happens if the company can not deal with the contract and the investor is dissatisfied?

We always try to explain the subcontractors, what the problem is and what the investor requires. However, these are very sporadic situations. Foreign clients value the reliability and qualifications of Polish employees, and cooperation with them has no financial motivation, contrary to popular opinion.

7. What are the most common problems for subcontractors abroad?/h4> These are probably the most common problems related to language ignorance. It is required that at least one person knows a foreign language among employees. In practice, it looks different, so if the situation requires it, the subcontractor contacts me. It happens that we employ an interpreter for the duration of the order. At the moment, we are also working on the preparation of a specialized French-Polish dictionary for construction workers.

8. The coordinator's work seems to be very demanding. What skills do you need to have to perform it well?

Experience in the construction industry abroad is indispensable. You need to know the specific vocabulary, work culture, market of services and materials. I studied architecture in France, I worked in architectural offices, among others in Marseilles and Strasbourg, for several years I ran my own construction company specializing in the construction of houses in the wooden frame technology. This experience taught me to work with people, work in the field.

9. As a summary, how is the position of technical coordinator assessed by subcontractors?

I think they rate them positively. Especially those who had previously carried out the contracts themselves, which often ended in failure due to lack of knowledge of the language or local law. I think that this position is needed for the contracts of Polish subcontractors to be successful.
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