When preparing for a trip to a foreign contract and making an initial valuation, it is worth taking into account the estimated costs related to the secondment of employees and the implementation of works.


The estimation of costs to be taken into account when planning the execution of an order abroad will first of all allow to prepare a more accurate valuation of construction services. A good plan will also allow you to minimize the number of unforeseen expenses, in order to maximize the final profit.

“KomFort supports subcontractors exporting services abroad in the estimation of costs, as well as in organizing trips (including accommodation, transport, equipment operation, etc.)”


Costs related to the posting of employees

  • Salary for employees

Zgodnie z Union Directive 96/71 / EC for the duration of work abroad, the employer must provide employees with remuneration in the amount corresponding to the rates applicable in a given country. Minimum rates binding in most countries depend, among others from qualifications, the construction sector, the region, etc. During these calculations, the costs related to employing employees (ZUS, taxes) should also be taken into account. Subcontractors cooperating with KomFort have, therefore, the support of our Administrative Department, which helps in estimating costs remuneration in accordance with the law of the country of posting.

  • Transport costs

When planning a budget, you should consider both travel costs, as well as moving around on the spot. It is worth choosing the most a convenient and economical form of commuting, having regard to the type of transport – public or private – and the price of fuel or tickets.

  • Accommodation costs

Rental costs they may vary depending on the country of the region, the size of the rented flat, the length of the lease period, and the standard of the flat. In this case, KomFort makes every effort to find subcontractors like the best prices for accommodation.Because in countries such as Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Germany we have been operating for many years, we are able to offer really good housing options in a convenient location.

  • Social insurance

The employer is obliged to pay insurance premiums the social dimension of its employees from the basis of the assessment, which when posted abroad can not be lower than the average monthly remuneration applicable in a given calendar year.

“Comfort deals with the preparation of construction offers for Subcontractors, and assists them in completing all organizational and formal issues related to the export of services. “

Costs related to the construction

In connection with the execution of construction projects abroad, there may be additional costs, eg related to the equipment operation. It is also worth thinking about unforeseen situations, such as expenses for equipment repairs or downtimes caused by, for example, weather.
All kinds of construction services should be completed with various administrative and accounting formalities, both at home and abroad. In this case too we provide comprehensive support Subcontractors cooperating with us. KomFort maintains contact with local accounting offices in order to provide the fullest service and facilitate the organization of a formal trip page, while limiting expenses.