For over 10 years, KomFort has been operating on the European construction market and supporting Polish companies in the cross-border provision of services. Our long experience allow us to determine what aspects and issues, a foreign company should pay attention to, when working with a subcontractors from Poland.


Polish construction teams operating on foreign markets are competitive in relation to local companies. They work efficiently and with professionalism. Foreign clients appreciate the multitasking skills of the Polish teams.

Here are some issues that are decisive for clients from Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg when making decisions about cooperating with a Polish construction company.

Currently, foreign contractors put first of all the legality of services provided by subcontractors. Checks on construction sites and high fines for illegal employment of foreign companies mean that the consequences of breaking the law are simply not worth taking risks.


„Legal cooperation should also be a priority for Polish companies that would like to export their construction services in the long term. […]”

Companies that work “black” can become victims of fraud. When the principal does not pay their due money, they usually stay on the ice. Actually, there are no legal means to enforce the payment.

Second, a high standard of services

Employers employing subcontractors expect a high standard of services. Fortunately, Polish companies enjoy a good reputation. This issue is verified already at the stage of preliminary negotiations. Foreign principals appreciate companies with experience in the market, and ideally if the construction team previously worked abroad.


  • Productivity at work is another feature
  • Builders from Poland work efficiently
  • Flexible and adjust quickly to different projects

Polish companies often specialize in more than one sector. For example, employees specialize in general construction works, and at the same time have a lot of experience in interior finishes.